coming out to your parents

If you try for one second to tell me the X-Men isn’t an allegory for the gay rights movement, I will smack you. They weren’t even remotely subtle about this.

The mutants have always been an allegory for anyone that didn’t fit in to society. The folks who drew the comics made a point of that early on.

It’s not just the gay rights movement, its not just kids trying to “come out” to their parents.  Its people being mistreated by the government, put away, forced to pretend to be “normal”, systematically oppressed, even killed for who they are because the powers that be cant control it.  It’s an allegory for blacks, gays, the disabled (mentally and physically), women, and anyone really who isnt a white man at the top of the food chain.

Seriously guys… Malcom X and Martin Luther King Jr are Professor X and Magneto. Legacy virus is HIV. X-men is a flawless comic.




Tender-hearted heroes are so important to me.

Heroes that are soft-spoken and kind, that want nothing more than to take care of everyone.

Heroes that are sweet and good, that always leave folks smiling in their wake.

Heroes that see good in everyone, who want to be good to everyone.

Heroes that are gentle and compassionate, that wish to share the boundless joy in their hearts with the world.







petition for deconnick & wilson to co-write a carol/kamala team-up miniseries


FROM WHAT KELLY SURE SAID LAST NIGHT SHE AND G. WILLOW WILSON WOULD BE OPEN TO IT—everyone should send emails top asking for it (she’s assured us that marvel will LOVE her for encouraging this. It’s POSSIBLE there was sarcasm involved, but WHO CAN TELL? Better to err on the side of action that may result in Carol+Kamala team ups, I say ;)

Carol Corps, I think we have our marching orders! Marvel can be reached not only by emailing—you can also tweet them via @Marvel or write them at Marvel Entertainment LLC, 135 W. 50th Street, 7th Floor, New York, NY, 10020. Let’s let ‘em know what we want.